Thank you for taking the time to inquire about Bishop Construction. I hope the following information will help you to better understand Bishop Construction and my approach to business.

When I started my business in 2001, I had specific goals in regards to how I wanted to approach the building industry as well as how I wanted my self and my company to be viewed by the community.

I am passionate about my business, I am a person of honesty and integrity and I am committed to running my business with this as my foundation.

I will design, develop, and complete each project giving you the best job I can, fulfilling your needs and dreams for a fair price. I will fulfill my commitments to you, completing each project as promised…With no exceptions!

Each job will be managed with strong on site leadership. I will direct each project with leadership skills that will create respect for my employees and my subcontractors; which in turn, will create respect for you and your property. Each project will be managed with safety and cleanliness as a top priority.

I believe in identifying with each customer and their individual project. Everyone is different; we have different needs, wants and dreams. It is through identifying with each customers needs that Bishop Construction is able to grow, prosper, and be active in the community.

In closing; my commitment to my customer is to treat you with respect, to give you my best at all times at a fair price, and to give you the completed project that I promised. My commitment to you is not complete until your needs have been met, your wishes fulfilled and your dreams have become a reality. It is through these principles that I believe I will be seen as an honest businessperson; one that is easy and good to work with; and a businessperson who is eager to earn your respect.


Chandler Bishop
Owner, Bishop Construction